Blyth Depot Refurbishment

Janus Architecture, appointed by Arriva, have designed the redevelopment of the Blyth Bus Depot. The purpose of the redevelopment was to increase bus capacity and reduce the need for reverse parking movements on, what was previously, a restricted site. The existing facility had 4 no. workshop bays which buses had to drive in and reverse out of (DIRO).

The project provided a significant challenge as the depot had to utilise the fuelling and washing facilities each night. Janus ensured that the construction was phased in order to allow for this.

Janus produced a design which removed the need for the DIRO manoeuvres and instead created a drive in, drive out workshop, reducing the need to reverse by 85%, thus increasing safety onsite. The redevelopment of the workshop involved the removal of the back wall and the installation of new roller shutter doors and two Everquip workshop pits, both fitted with automatic pit covers.

Additionally to the improved safety on site, the bus fleet was able to increase by 15% due to the deconstruction of an existing parking garage in order to extend the open-air parking area.