Leicester Phase 2 Fully Operational

The Phase 2 electrification of Leicester Bus Depot is now fully operational. And Janus have revisited the completed project at night to witness a full successful run-in.

The innovative gantry installation utilises Heliox Flex 180 chargers at ground level, feeding electric reels suspended above each bus at high level. The reels provide remote lowering of power leads adjacent to the charging port of each bus, reducing trailing cables and intermediate islands.

The gantries have been designed to allow safe personnel access for maintenance without the need for specialist access equipment. They provide additional benefits of keeping the yard free from obstructions which increases driver car parking capacities and allows for bus driver training functions, whilst also providing localised task lighting between high vehicles for safer night operation.

The concept has initially proved successful and will be monitored by FirstBus before being rolled out to other depots across the country.

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