Listed Building Renovation Awarded Commendation by the Aberdeen Civic Society

FirstGroup’s Headquarters in Aberdeen has been awarded a commendation by the Aberdeen Civic Society at their 2010 Awards.

As part of the construction of their new Headquarters, FirstGroup have restored and adapted the one-time Militia Barracks at Advocates Road/King Street.

The judges had the following comments

The stonework has been restored along with windows, a more imposing entrance created and where the enemy was once repelled from shooting breaches in the wall, now Aberdeen’s current enemies are kept at bay on the crow steps of the building. The hard landscaping is also worthy of note – altogether this is a good restoration with a fine new wing replacing the former tram sheds and the like which once cluttered the site.

The award was presented at the Town and Country Hall, Aberdeen, on 20th October 2010.

Follow the link for further information on the Aberdeen Heaquarters.

For further information on the award please visit the Aberdeen Civic Society website.