Cockburn School


Parkside, Gipsy Lane, Leeds, LS11 5TT

Key Data

  • Canopy structure to allow all weather use of existing external courtyard.
  • Complex access and construction restrictions overcome.
  • Intricate and protracted planning process successfully completed.
  • Pitch forms essential addition to the school’s sports capacity.
  • Sports England compliance achieved.

Services Provided

Full architectural services.

Principle Designer (CDM-C) Services


Janus Architecture have provided architectural, CDMC and project management services to various projects at Cockburn School.

One project included the design of a pleasant covered area for use by pupils at lunch and break times. A structural frame and roof was installed within an existing external courtyard. Internal lighting, vending and a food servery were integrated into the design.

Internal modifications over several areas of the school were also carried out over the summer break to improve and upgrade canteen, library and general circulation areas.

The third generation sports pitch included co-ordination of specialist consultants for pitch installation, fencing and external lighting. Lengthy advice occurred during the planning process which eventually overcame considerable neighbour objections.

The facility has been well received and is used predominantly for curricular activities and affords the school’s PE department all season sports. The school also has the opportunity to allow external bodies to use the facility outside of school hours.

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