Leicester EV Depot

Charging Infrastructure for 86 new electric buses has been provided to the existing First Bus site in Leicester after a successful ZEBRA bid.

Completion of the works has given the Leicester Depot the title of being the first full EV depot in the UK outside of London.

The works were complete in phases with the first phase including 22 advanced rapid 150kW dual cable charging units servicing 44 buses. The chargers and cable management are mounted within a special design steel frame. Each rapid charging station is controlled via smart charging software.

The second phase, completed in Autumn 2023, utilises an innovative gantry installation to charge 32 additional buses. Heliox Flex 180 chargers are installed at ground level, feeding electric reels suspended above each bus at high level. The reels provide remote lowering of power leads adjacent to the charging port of each bus, reducing trailing cables and intermediate islands.

An additional 5 advanced rapid 150kW dual cable charging units service 10 more buses around the site to complete the 100% EV charging installation.

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